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Jane Palmer | Barbara Grote

We are coaches and specialists in human resource development. All principals in our firm are licensed as psychologists or behavioral health professionals and have also held executive positions in organizations. Our business management experience combined with our psychology expertise makes us uniquely qualified to help with many human resource challenges.

We understand people and the organizations in which they work. Our backgrounds enable us to coach individuals to achieve greater levels of self awareness and emotional intelligence. We offer emotional empathy, support, wisdom, and the challenge necessary for behavioral change. Our years of experience working in organizations provide us with real world knowledge necessary for helping organizations build leadership capacity and improve operating effectiveness.

We have been in business in Seattle, WA since 1993. We have provided coaching and consulting services to the high tech, telecommunications, health care, and insurance industries, as well as local governments and the non-profit sector. We have coached and counseled countless individuals in the Pacific Northwest seeking professional growth and career development.

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